Last Updated: November 28, 2019

Top 8 Restaurants in San Ignacio Belize

Restaurants san ignacio belize tolacca smokehouse meat platter

Traveling to San Ignacio Belize for adventure and wondering where to eat? Let us help you narrow down your options so that you can enjoy the best of Restaurants in San Ignacio Belize.

The twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena are revered as the "Culinary Capital" of Belize and for good reason. It is home to multi award-winning restaurants and chefs who take great pride in pleasing the most discerning palettes.

So where then can one get great food in San Ignacio and Santa Elena? Find out just below!

Here are our Top 8 Restaurants in San Ignacio Belize

In no particular order:

1. Ko-Ox Han Nah Restaurant

restaurants in san ignacio belize ko-ox han nah exterior

And where did the name come from, you ask? Ko-Ox Han Nah means "Let's Go Eat" in Maya! How clever. Located on Burns Avenue in downtown San Ignacio, Ko-Ox Han Nah has maintained its reputation as a top 10 restaurant in San Ignacio Belize for many years.

The restaurant offers casual dining and has served primarily as a tourist hotspot, with travelers from all over the world gathering to enjoy Belizean and Indian delicacies. There are not many places where you can get Indian Curry and Belizean Rice and Beans on the same plate, so consider it a treat!

2. Pop's Restaurant

restaurants san ignacio belize pops breakfast with eggs beans and avocado

Iconic. Hailed the king of all breakfasts in Belize, Pop's restaurant is perhaps one of the oldest restaurants in downtown San Ignacio. They have been known for their remarkable breakfast platters that combine a "Belizean Breakfast" with fruits. A classic breakfast at Pop's would be beans, cheese, ham or bacon, eggs, avocado when in season, served with your choice of handmade flour tortillas or Belizean fry jacks.

The owner, Mr Dabo is a well known character and is always present, making sure his patrons leave his establishment both full and happy.

The restaurant has grown from humble beginnings that served only breakfast to relocating and expanding their menu to include lunch and dinner as well.

3. The Guava Limb Café (Restaurant of the year 2015)

restaurants san ignacio belize guava limb seating outside

Talk about charm and personality. The Guava Limb Café is dubbed the best restaurant in San Ignacio and their reviews on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews support this as well. It is well known for its farm-to-table fresh cuisine and using only the best ingredients for their cooking.

The restaurant was built by renovating one of the last colonial homes in downtown San Ignacio, and was converted into a delightful space sporting beautiful gardens and offers an ambience unmatched in town.

The food here is not only beautiful but scrumptious as well. They run a 2 for 1 on cocktail drinks everyday at their Dugout Lounge - a great way to end a day or start the weekend. The service is considered 5 star and has been commended by Lonely Planet and The Belize Tourism Board.

INSIDER TIP: Try the Spicy Chorrizo Burger or the Gado Gado with sate Chicken! Tell us what you think down below 😉

4. Tolacca Smoke House

Restaurants san ignacio belize tolacca smokehouse meat platter

Perhaps not as popular as others on this list because of its off-the-beaten-path location, this restaurant is a great choice for those looking for value for their money.

The owner Phillip, a local Belizean went off to Canada to learn the art of grilling and came back to Belize sizzling! literally.

They are well known for their incredible steaks and meat platters, all smoked and perfected to taste. The ambience is moody even romantic, with dim lighting and candle light on their table centers.

5. Crave House of Flavors Restaurant

restaurants san ignacio belize crave house of flavors dinner table group setup

One of the most recent additions to Cayo's culinary scene, Crave is the love and sweat of Chef Alejandro, a Latin-American son of Guatemala, Central America. Crave is also located in downtown San Ignacio, right next to the best ice cream shop in town.

The ambience here is classy, with a small open-air porch outside and an air-conditioned seating space inside. The experience here is intimate, due to the restaurant's small size and direct view into the kitchen.

If you're looking to try something different, try their roasted rabbit or braised lamb chops. The desserts are also worth a try!

6. D'Sky Bistro

restaurants san ignacio belize d sky vistro view of san ignacio at night

If you're looking for somewhere romantic to enjoy a great glass of wine, good food and a spectacular view then this is your restaurant choice. The restaurant's verandah overlooks the town of San Ignacio, and is a sight to behold at night!

Try out their smoked lamb leg ragu or ask the chef for a personalized surf & turf platter, neither will disappoint.

INSIDER TIP: Their homemade ice cream selection is amazing!

7. Erva's Restaurant

restaurants san ignacio belize ervas outside patio

Considered the mother of Belizean cooking, Erva's is named after the owner - Mrs Erva Espat, who has been operating her local Belizean eatery for well over 15 years. Locals and travelers alike lover this restaurant for the authentic Belizean food offered here.

Want to try Belize's staple - local rice and beans? check. Want to try cow foot soup? check. Want to try escabeche soup? check. You get the point. Erva's is as local as it gets! They also run a great happy hour from 4-7pm everyday.

INSIDER TIP: Possibly the BEST local Belizean Rice and Beans you eat!

8. Cenaida's Belizean Restaurant

san ignacio restaurants cenaidas Belizean food

This family owned restaurant is a gem in downtown San Ignacio. It is a favorite among office workers as it is both affordable and delicious home-style cooking.

Cenaida's takes it a little further with their local cooking! For example, on November 1st, which is "Dia de los muertos" or "Finados" they prepare traditional ixpaxa (a Maya corn porridge made with purple corn), maja blanca (a rice based dessert), and Belizean tamales.