Caracol Mayan Ruins

Explore Caracol Mayan Ruins

Caracol is Belize's largest known Mayan site and one of the biggest in the Mundo Maya, located in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. Caracol is believed to have been an urban center in the classic period and spreads out over 55 sq. miles . It is believed that its population reached 180,000 people. 20 miles of "sacbeobs" (causeways) linked Caracol's 15 sq. miles central area. Caana, Belize's largest man-made structure towers 42 meters above plaza level is located at the Caracol Mayan city. There have been over 70 tombs excavated and hieroglyphic texts have been found on altars, steleas, capstones, ball court markers and wall facades. The drive through Mountain Pine Ridge is adventurous as it is exciting! Your driver guide may sometimes point out fresh tracks of jaguars or tapirs in the area, and a jaguar sighting as much as it is rare, is possible. If you're a bird lover you will also enjoy this tour - there are over 300 species of Birds in this area.



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$275.00 per groups of 1-4 persons
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Daily at 7:30am


Full day


Moderate with optional climbing


Moderate with optional climbing


Hat, sunscreen, insect repellant, camera, and rain gear if needed


Water, driver guide