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For over 25 years, Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions has introduced thousands of visitors to Belize's fascinating history, cultures, Maya heritage and natural wonders. Our Tour Guide Drivers – all licensed naturalist guides, have the training, experience, and passion to make Belize come alive while ensuring a safe and entertaining journey.

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  • Families, groups and individual travelers all appreciate our fleet of modern, comfortable and spacious vans, SUVs and all-terrain vehicles
  • All vehicles are air-conditioned and connected by radio throughout Belize
  • Family owned and operated for nearly 40 years
  • Driven by knowledgeable, licensed Belizean tour guides
  • Compliant with Belize Tourism Board’s code of standards for safety, security, and communications
  • Established network of relationships with Belize travel agents, tour operators, and guides to ensure optimum experiences
  • Comprehensive third-party liability insurance

Belize Nature Tours

Explore Belize’s lush rainforests, birds, wildlife and other natural wonders with knowledgeable, licenced naturalist guides, and come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Regardless of age, experience or fitness, there’s a tour for everyone and every interest. Our Belize birding tours, for example, satisfy both novices and the most experienced birders.

Belize Mayan Ruins Tours

In addition to its stunning natural surroundings, the Belize Rainforest Retreat is located in what is known as the Heartland of the Ancient Maya Civilization.

The Chaa Creek area was a thriving agricultural and trade centre during the days when the ancient Maya empire spread far and wide throughout what is now Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula. Many of our tour guides are accomplished Mayanists, and with the Belize Rainforest Retreat situated in the Maya heartland, our guests have the rare opportunity to explore Belize’s most renowned ancient Maya sites in comfort and ease. Ask us to help you embark on this fascinating journey of discovery – you won’t be disappointed.

Belize Cave Tours

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, rainwater carved out and percolated through the limestone upon which Belize sits to create one of the world’s largest networks of caves; an immense labyrinth the ancient Maya called Xibalba; the gates of the underworld through which their priests could communicate with deities or attempt to appease them with elaborate ceremonies and sacrifices.

Today, the stunningly beautiful caves of Belize are still filled with altars, artefacts and, yes, the skeletons of sacrificial victims. And the best part? They are all a short drive away from our Belize Rainforest Retreat.

Belize Culture Tours

The best way to learn about Belize's ecology and topography. Join our Belize nature tours and meet Belize's National Animal the Tapir, or get a lifer off your list on our Belize birding tours. Our Naturalist Guides are passionate about helping you discover Belize's natural treasures and ensure that you leave with a better appreciation and understanding of them.